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Pork Butt  is the Best.  It is almost impossible to screw up and just about everybody loves it.

  Who doesn't like a good butt???

That one >>>>>
was cooked on Sept. 2, 2007.  It was 8.6lb and served 9 adults and 4 kids with very very little left.  I tied this one up a little  since it was a little saggy and I like to keep them symetrical for an even cook.

Step 1 >>>>>
Getting good butt starts with being picky.  Any butt isn't good for you.  Since you are selective.  Pick a butt that is thick and meaty,  Whoever said pork fat rules was right!  Get a good fat strip on one side - it will face down on the BGE and melt away.

I like the bone in my butts!  Boneless butts are really a drag.  If boneless, make sure you tie em up tight so you  get an even cook.  Actually I use cooking twine to make all my butts symetrical.

Step 2>>>>>>>>

I rinse my butts, then I dry them with paper towels. and rub down with plain old yellow mustard.   Rub it all over though not too thick.  This just makes the rub stick

Step 3>>>>>
Rub your butts.  Use your favorite rub.  I have heard wonderful things about Dizzy Rub, though I use my own. I  plan to order some Dizzy Dust soon.

I use the back of a spoon or fork to massage the rub into the butt. All 6 sides of the butt need attention.   Here is the link to my own butt rub.
JerryD's Butt Rub

Step 4 >>>

Relax.  This is fun.

This is a good time to inject your butt if you like.  South of I-10 of the biggreeneggers forum told me to inject with pineapple juice, worsteshire, and maple syrup.  This I think helps alot, though many times I have forgotten.  It was still very very good.

Step 5 >>>>>>>

Hey  All that stuff above can be done early. Hours/day ahead.  Butt make sure to keep your butt cool.  Hey its time to relax again.


Step 7:>>>>>>>

Quality Lump is key.  Make sure to use something that will last for at least 2+hrs/lb of butt. MY favorite lump is pictured here though I am almost out (what am I gonna do!!). Typically I plan for 2hrs/lb at 235F temp (grid level) or ~250- 275F  Dome for butts.  Note I always plan to be ready 2-3 hrs early as sometimes your butt can be "behind" your plans.  

This site is cool for picking your lump:

The Naked Whiz Lump Charcoal Database

Step 8:

Wait, Sleep - Relax, Hey this is fun!!  

Let that butt melt away. I cook mine until it hits 200F.  It cooks fast at the beginning, then takes its time between lets say 159-185F.  This is when all that fat and connective tissue melts and gets yummy.  

Again  I keep the grid temp at around 235F.  I'ld say the dome temp is probably at about 250-275.


Step 9>>>>>>>>


Man that looks good.  Enjoy your butt.  Now is a good time to wrap that butt in foil (shiny side in) and wrap in towels and put in a cooler for at least 1 hr.  This is important.  I generally plan for 2 hrs for this thing to rest before I serve.  

 I hope this was helpful.  Please let me know, or on the big green egg users forum - I am "RU Eggsperienced".

8.5lb butt close up and tied

pick your butt

mustarded - plain old mustard

Ya Gotta Rub Your Butt

My Butts were rubbed

Don't let Bacteria Get the best of you

Use Good Lump - Don't run out of FUEL!!!

Be Patient - I never peek!!!

2 Perfect Butts!!!

Juxtaposition of steps - for my butt.