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Big Green Egg or Barbeque Related Sites:

Greeneggers.com - Greeneggers forum

The Big Green Egg

The Naked Whiz

BigT's Big Green Egg Recipe Blog

Playing With Fire and Smoke - thirdeye's website

WessB's Website

Nibble me This Website

Automatic Temperature Control Forum (good info on the STOKER)

Products I own and recommend:

  • Maker of the Stoker  -  Rock's BBQ Maker of the Stoker temp control device

  • Super Pizza Peel  -  Super Pizza Peel

  • http://www.ceramicgrillstore.com/ceramicgrillstore/images/banners/cgs1.png  -  Adjustable Rig/Spider/Woo2 & more

  •  Carnivore - Carnivore Barbeque Sauce

  •  Dizzy Pig BBQ -Dizzy Pig BBQ Rubs

My Personal Home Page:
  • National Weather Service  -  National Weather Service Forecast for Marietta, GA.
Just Plain Useful Sites (at least for me):

http://www.timeanddate.com - Set up meeting in different time Zones

http://www.freetranslation.com  -  Translate all sorts of Languages  

http://www.xe.comhttp://www.xe.com  - Convert Foreign Currencies

http://www.Dpreview.com -   Great Digital Photography Forum