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This Roast was Eggztrodinary.
November 17, 2007

November 17, 2007

This was Christmas Eve Dinner 2006 (maybe Christmas day - don't remember).  Anyway, it was fantastic and have mede this a couple times since.

This rib rosat >>>>
Was cooked on my Big Green Egg for my neighborhood Gourmet Club.  I used the instructions  below.  You have to be careful and keep a close eye on this cut, since just a few degrees will make some this med or med well (vs med rare like I like it).

2007 Gary Birthday
Happy Birthday Gary - 10lb Rib Roast!! Eggzelent!

OK Don I know you like to steal the show but come on - pushing Gary out of his own Birthday Picture??!!!

Garys Bday Prime Rib Sliced
Man was this good!  Cooked a little more (about 5degrees more than recipe below).
Standing Rib Roast Xmas 2006

Standing Rib Roast Raw and Rubbed

One of my favorite meals is Prime Rib.  While it's not easy to get Prime Rib you can buy some really good Standing Rib Roasts that rival the best Prime Rib.  The Big Green Egg is a perfect oven for this.
So here is what I do.
1)  I air dry my standing rib roast. Get a pan (I use pyrex dish), and a rib roast rack.  Wrap your rib roast in a clean towel or cheese cloth and set on an elevated rack over the pyrex dish.  Set that in the fridge for a day or two.
2)  I set out the rib roast on a kitchen counter about 2 or 3 hours before I plan to cook it.  This brings the temp of the meat up to room temp rather than fridge temp and will shorten the time needed in the oven.  We want to keep this tender.  At the end of this use some Kosher or Sea Salt on the outside of the roast.  Fresh ground pepper is good too.  I have used butt rub or too.   Also have used salt, pepper and Herbs de Provence too.  All are good, try your favorite spices.  
3)  Plan on 20-25 min/lb.I like my rib roast Med Rare.  I cook it to about 115 degrees at 200-225 on the egg (I use a small handful of my favorite wood chips).  Hickory is good.   Note - I use indirect method in this stage.
4)   Once it hits 115 degrees crank up your egg by opening the bottom vent and take off the top flywheel vent.  Personally I then take my plate-setter out of my egg and go to direct cooking.   Bringing the egg up to about 500 degrees or so.  I then shut it down (close both top and bottom vents).  This will make a crispy outside to the roast (mmm mmm).  
5)  Let it cook to 125 degrees with both top and bottom vents closed then take it out of the egg.  Keep your temp guage inside the roast during this.  Now wrap it in foil (shiny side in) and let it sit at room temp till it hits about 135 degrees.  Yes the roast will keep cooking.   This will take about 30 min.
6)  Slice and eat.  Serve with Horseradish for those that like it.
Now if you want the roast to be medium I think you need to add about 10 degrees to all temps I stated above.  If you want it cooked more than that, well then get a different cut of meat!!!