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I use a Stoker when I can't hang around and watch the temp of the Big Green Egg.   The Stoker turns your BGE into a real controllable oven.

The cool thing about the Stoker is that it can make your Big Green Egg into an internet appliance.  I do it.

On this page I will attempt to start to share how I use the Stoker on my BGE.

So you can easily attach the Stoker to the Big Green Egg and control it by your mobile phone.  Or control it by your PC.   

The diagram on the right shows how I control my Big Green Egg.  The easiest way is to connect your Stoker to your home network with an ethernet cable.  The next easiest way is to connect it wirelessly though this requires a wireless bridge.  I bought a refurbished Netgear bridge  on ebay that works great...  

OK.  So while the Stoker is a great device with all it's benefits:

1)  Web Server built in thus controllable by a browser on your PC.

2)  easy Set up - takes 3-4 minutes to crank up the egg.

3)  Lets you sleep during overnight pork butt or brisket cooks on the Big Green Egg.

4)  Access and change temps of your Big Green Egg remotely using your mobile phone.

Unfortunately the device is not waterproof.  I built a simple little box that I use to weather-proof my Stoker and my wireless bridge.

I nvever take the Stoker out of this box.  It makes for easy storage and setup.  All it took was a trip to the home center. 

More info on how I use the Stoker on my Big Green Egg is coming soon.


Below is the box that keeps my Stoker dry.  I never take the thing out of this box - sunny days, rainy days for storage etc.  just plug it up and adjust the temp on your PC.  I never use the front panel of the Stoker.

I cooked 4 racks of baby back ribs this weekend - August 30, 2009.  Here is a picture:

1)  215 F for three hours after rubbing with JerryD's butt rub.  spritz with Apple juice, apple vinegar.

2)  wrap in foil, meat side down and put about 4 Tbsp of liquid - I use  apple juice, worsteshire mixture and cook for about 1hr at 260F..

3)  Un wrap and cook 1 more hour at 260F..

4)  Slap on some BBQ sauce and cook for 20 more minutes.

this is a recipe derived from several other peoples recipes or techniques. I take no credit or blame. -  Those ribs were good!!!

Stoker on a Big Green Egg

Stoker Mobile Phone or PC control
 Email me at :    I would be glad to share with you what I have done to make this work.  As time goes on I will post more info on how to configure your network to access your Stoker remotely.
Big Green Egg and Stoker in the rain
Stoker in the rain
Ribs in the rain

Stoker Log of a Brisket Cook
Stoker Log on BGE

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